Completing your EVolution

You’re going to do it. You’re buying your Electric Vehicle. You’re an Eco-Warrior and you’re going to make your miles make a difference. Sure, the car is loaded with amazing tech and faster than a Corvette, but this is about eliminating tailpipe emissions and giving OPEC your final donation. One more thing, how WILL you fuel up…? 

You saw a Tesla Super Charger at the mall, and you have outlets all over your house, but how will you know that you’ll have the juice you need, when you need it? EV Charging isn’t rocket science. Once you’re properly equipped, you actually barely need to think about it.  Imagine if you will a Gas Fairy (stick with me). Every night when you get home from work, school, dodge ball practice, or whatever else you do to throw miles on your car, you park in your driveway and get in bed only to find when you awake, that the Gas Fairy has topped you off with a full tank of gas and readied you for the next days grind. That’s what the right EV Charger can do for you. 

Destination and low power chargers (often supplied with EV’s) are great for certain instances, but to truly complete your EVolution, all you need to do is equip yourself with the right power charger. Lets face it, taking 20 hours to charge from a regular outlet isn’t a great option and destination charging is OK a lot of the time now, but EV’s make up less than 2% of the cars on the road. As EV adoption rates continue to grow you can’trely on public charging. Instead, take ownership of your charging and leave home with a “full tank” everyday. 

Charged at Home exists to make that final step of your EVolution easy. There are a lot of EV chargers out there. We’ll get you to the right one for your needs, arrange installation by a local expert and even prepare your rebate paperwork (ya, there are federal, state and utility rebates available for chargers in many states). All you’ll need to do is drive home, plug in, and drive off with a full tank, everyday. 


CEO of Charge at Home