ENEL X JuiceBox 40 (WiFi)



The JuiceBox 40 is a high power, fast and compact electric car charger with advanced WiFi internet control and smart grid features. The JuiceBox portable charging station automatically adjusts to provide just as much power as your electric vehicle is able to accept, up to 40 amps for much faster charging than a standard wall outlet charger. And the JuiceBox 40 is portable if you have multiple locations you travel to that need high speed electric car charging.

Charging capacity
40A, 9.6kW

Input Power
Single phase 208-240 VAC ~ 60Hz

Connector type

SAE J1772 Standard Plug

Wi-Fi connection

Weight & dimensions
15 LBS 7.6” (173 mm) x 18.6”(474 mm) x 5.6” (141 mm)

Wall mounted

UL listed

3 years

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Charger Specifications

Vehicle Type

Nissan, Chevrolet, BMW, Other

Cable Length

24 Feet


Single Port

Charging Level

Level 2 (240 V)

Output (kW)

10 kW

Amps (A)

40 Amps

Volts (V)

240 Volts

Installation Type

Hard Wired, Plug In

Weather Rating

Indoor, Outdoor

Warranty Protection

3 Years



Cable Management


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